Welcome to the International Workshop

"TOP-SPIN 3: Spin and Topological Phenomena in Nanostructures - Towards Topological Materials Science"

April 25-28, 2017

The Workshop will be held in Dresden, Germany, hosted at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW Dresden).

After the International Workshop "Top-Spin: Spin and Topological Phenomena in Nanostructures" held in Salerno in May 2015, and the International Workshop "Top-Spin 2: Spin and Topological Phenomena in Nanostructures" held in Groningen in May 2016, this will be the third and final event organized in the framework of the FET-OPEN Project "Curved Nanomembranes for Topological Quantum Computation", Grant Agreement N.618083, and this year it will be allied with the Project "Topological Materials Science".

Since the event is funded by the European Commission, there will be no registration fee.

The aim of the workshop is to join together leading scientists involved in the study of topological and spin phenomena in advanced nanostructures and materials. The topics will cover both theoretical and experimental aspects, with a special focus on structural, magnetic and electronic properties of nanostructures, spintronics and spin-orbitronics in low-dimensional systems, superconducting heterostructures, topological insulators and semimetals, and topological phases in strongly correlated electron systems. During the workshop we will have the pleasure to host the following invited speakers:

  • Vladimir Falko (UK)
  • Francisco Guinea (UK)
  • Mathias Kläui (Germany)
  • Chuan Li (Netherlands)
  • Andrew Mackenzie (Germany)
  • Sadashige Matsuo (Japan)
  • Junsaku Nitta (Japan)
  • Shintaro Nomura (Japan)
  • Takashi Oka (Germany)
  • Takafumi Sato (Japan)
  • Leslie Schoop (Germany)
  • Denys Sheka (Ukraine)
  • Yuki Shiomi (Japan)
  • Oleg Yevtushenko (Germany)
  • Youichi Yanase (Japan)

For any information please contact the Scientific Secretariat: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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